Surebet is a risk-free betting method

Odds and betting methods have numerous dimensions, and depending on the sport and the player's risk tolerance, odds players may earn large gains at odds, but also large loses. The'safe bet' - or surebet - is one of the most well-known odds techniques.

The surebet odds method is appealing to any odds player because of its intriguing name.

What is a surebet?

A surebet is a safe bet, which is a betting strategy that relies on the difference in odds between bookmakers. You place a risk-free wager with a bookmaker with this odds technique, but you must move fast since the odds are continuously changing.

The goal of a surebet is that the result of your bets always surpasses your entire investment. Surebets have a modest profit margin, but with a little luck and patience, you can locate some decent matches to gamble on.

Having a betting account with multiple different bookmakers is one of the requirements for putting a surebet. Furthermore, you must be fast to put your bets. The stakes should also be larger than normal in order to capitalize on the odds differences, which are often extremely little.

Check out a surebet calculator, for example, to see whether your odds variations are a surebet (safe bet).

A surebet example: Here are two instances of surebets. The betting method may be used to both two-way and three-way bets (for example, tennis) (e.g. football).

Example 1: Tennis surebet

A tennis bet has just two possible outcomes: either Player A or Player B wins. If the odds established between two bookmakers are favorable, the odds variation looks like this:

Bookmaker 1 offers odds of 2.15 on Player A.
Bookmaker 2 offers 1.95 odds on Player B.

Here's how we'd put a £100 bet:

A wager of £47.56 on Player A at odds of 2.15 to win results in a potential win of £102.25.

Simultaneously, betting £52.44 on Player B to win at odds of 1.95 results in a potential win of £102.26.

Player Odds Amount Return
Player A 2.15 £47,56 £102,25
Player B 1.95 £52,44 £102,26

So, regardless of the result, you win on your surebet. To determine whether you've discovered a surebet, use a surebet calculator to compute the odds and stake.

Example 2: A football surebet

As seen by the preceding example, it is feasible to put a risk-free surebet on 2-way bets. However, this safe bet method may also be used for contests with three alternative outcomes, such as football games.

Bookmaker 1: The odds on Team A winning are 14.00.
Odds for a draw at Bookmaker 2 are 8.00.
Bookmaker 3: 1.30 odds for Team B to win.

A surebet with a stake of 100 pounds looks like this:

We bet £7.40 on Team A to win at odds of 14.00, yielding a profit of £103.6.

Then we bet £12.94 on the draw at odds of 8.00, which would result in a profit of £103.52.

Finally, we bet £79.66 on Team B to win, which would result in a profit of £103.56 at odds of 1.30.


Outcome Odds Amount Return
Team A win 14.00 £7,40 £103,60
Draw 8.00 £12,94 £103,52
Team B win 1.30 £79,66 £103,56


Depending on the outcome, the payout return of such a surebet will be between £3.52 and £3.60.


Can you make money on safe bets or surebets?

You can certainly make money on surebets, as an odds strategy. However, since the winnings per game are very low, it takes a lot of time and effort to be able to get the big wins out of this betting strategy. Surebets, on the other hand, are a frequently used method to play through your odds bonus.

Many bookmakers offer odds bonuses where you get a certain percentage back on your first deposit. These bonuses can be played through via surebets, and with surebets you can play with a high stake.

Which sports are good for surebet odds strategy?

As the examples above highlight, you can place surebets on virtually any sport. It doesn't matter if it's 2-way or 3-way betting. If you find the right bookmakers that offer the right variety of odds, then you just have to place the bet.

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