What is a match analysis?

Tipya offers daily match analysis authored by betting experts. These are persons that specialize in a certain field. An analysis is a method used to determine if a given bet is worth betting on. As a consequence, an analysis at Tipya might result in either a tip (tip analysis) or a warning (info analysis).

An analysis may be prepared in a variety of ways, but here are some things to think about before betting on a match, in no particular sequence. An ideal written analysis would cover all of these elements, but in fact, this is not always achievable due to the time required to write. It should be noted, however, that the expert should keep a close eye on these matters; study and understanding should be in place.

overall power
Team strengths and weaknesses Playing style Key figures, for example.

How is the team (or, in the case of h2h, the player/manager/etc) performing right now? And why is it going the way it is? That is, one should carefully examine the results of recent matches.

Situation involving the squad
It is critical to have a thorough understanding of injuries and suspensions. Who is absent, and what do their absences mean? And who is returning to the squad after an injury or a suspension? A missing top scorer, for example, is likely to be more valuable than an unremarkable midfielder.

Ideally, you have a notion of a probable starting lineup, as well as a sense of how certain "battles in the match" would play out, such as between one team's right-back and the other team's left-winger.

Statistic in general
In football, for example, looking at the home team's statistics is both significant and evident. Do they draw a lot, do they struggle to score goals, or are they good at keeping the goal clean?

Is one squad vying for promotion, for example, while the other is on summer vacation?

Concerning internal matters
Is there dissatisfaction in the team, have the players been fighting in training, or do they despise the coach/president/assistant?

Between the two teams
There is little consideration here of how things were when the two teams played 10 years ago, given there are few players surviving from that time. Old encounters between the teams are primarily interesting; nonetheless, it may be noteworthy if a club has never won on a given ground - the issue is whether such data would hinder or motivate?).

However, it is fascinating to look at how recent matches have gone - and lastly to check whether there are any players (and coaches) who have previously played for the rival team.

Other elements
Consider the danger of collaboration. Are there (true) rumors that the match has been rigged? That is, whether or not the outcome is predetermined.

Match analysis example

An example of a brief yet relatively thorough analysis
X2 Nantes - Le Havre

1.87 are the odds.

Odds: 43 - 34 - 23

French League No. 2 Outstanding match. Nantes remain undefeated at home, but they are without two regulars, and their greatest scorer is out. In contrast, Le Havre, the league's top away squad, has every man prepared.

Nantes. No. 1: 42 points in 21 games. Home record: 7-3-0 (22-7).

2022: Cup victory against a second-placed team. Then, at home, Chateauroux defeated them 2-1. (No. 15). Clermont's most recent 2-1 defeat (No. 5). The primary issue was the pace of the home team, which was fascinating given Le Havre also has speedy players.

News from the Nantes squad

Dossevi (attacker; permanent), Poulard (defence; permanent), Faty (new midfielder), Das Neves are all out (defence; sub)

Bagayoko, a class striker who just returned from an injury hiatus, is not in great shape.

Le Havre is a city in France. No. 2: 40 points in 20 games. Away: 7-1-2 (22-11).

In 2008, the score was 1-1 in the cup against L1 team Nice (Le Havre lost in extra time) and 2-0 at Brest (No. 12). Despite playing the most of the game, they were held to a 1-1 tie at home against Libourne (third-last).

Le Havre are most dangerous away from home owing to their outstanding counter-attacking phase.

News about the Le Havre team

All of the guys are prepared. Hoarau, the league's leading scorer, and Lesage, an experienced striker, are among them.

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