Half time/full time sports betting

In this essay, we will discuss an odds technique that has grown in popularity in recent years. You may bet on the outcome of a match during the half time as well as the final result with this online betting approach. You may learn more about how this odds technique works and how to benefit from the half time/full time betting market.

How can I bet on halftime/fulltime?

A bet on halftime/fulltime is a double bet in which you wager on two items at the same time. The difference between this and a regular bet is that you may wager on the outcome of a match both during the halftime and at the end of the match.

NOTE: A half time/full time bet can only be won if you correctly predict both the half-time score and the final outcome. As a result, the sole need for a halftime/fulltime bet is that the game includes a break.

Here's an example of a half-time wager:
The table below provides an overview of potential half time/full time bets on a football match and should help you comprehend this bet type. The odds represent the difference between a match's nine probable outcomes.

Tip Halftime Fulltime Odds
1/1 Home team is winning Home team is winning 3,25
1/X Home team is winning Draw 13,50
1/2 Home team is winning Away team is winning 28,25
X/1 Draw Home team is winning 5,50
X/X Draw Draw 5,10
X/2 Draw Away team is winning 10,25
2/1 Away team is winning Home team is winning 23,50
2/X Away team is winning Draw 13,75
2/2 Away team is winning Away team is winning 6,20


Three distinct half-time bet outcomes are shown in this illustration of let us say a Bundesliga match. The first bet is a 2/1 bet in which we bet on the away team leading at halftime but the home team ultimately winning the match. This does not happen often which is why the bookies typically offers a great odds on the outcome. The second wager is easier to understand. We bet that the home team would lead at halftime and win the game - a typical 1/1 bet. In the third wager, we bet on the home team leading at halftime but the game ending in a draw. So it's a 1/X bet.

See which Bundesliga games our odds experts are looking at. You can find all of the relevant information here, such as mutual statistics, recent injuries and suspensions, and potential starting lineups. In other words, everything you need to locate excellent half time/full time betting matches.

Which sport is best suited for halftime/fulltime betting?

This popular betting method has spread to almost all sports, and as long as there are at least two halves, you may bet on both the halftime and fulltime outcomes. Football is the most popular sport for halftime/fulltime bets, although American football and basketball are also popular.

There is also a particular kind of half-time-full-time betting utilized in ice hockey, where they play three periods and you may wager on the result of each.


Is it possible to profit from half time/full time betting?

These bets are appealing because they provide better odds than straight games. Odds on a team leading at half-time but losing the match, i.e. 1/2, often range between 20 and 30, and may therefore be highly lucrative. To be successful with this technique, we recommend concentrating on choosing the favorite to win while betting a bit on the halftime position to receive the best odds.

As an example, check for the favored team (often the home team), which has odds of roughly 1.50 to win. Then make two halftime/fulltime wagers. In the first, the favorite is 1/1 to lead at halftime and win the match. The second bet is for a draw at halftime and a victory for the home team at X/1.

This manner, you can cover your bets while also getting reasonably good odds on pretty safe matches. Because of the enormous odds on the halftime/fulltime combinations, this odds approach may be tremendously rewarding even if just every third bet is won.


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