What Does Draw No Bet Mean?

Have you seen Draw No Bet as a betting option but are unsure how it works?

The Draw No Wager option in a betting market simply removes the result of a draw in three-way markets, leaving gamblers to bet on either a home or away victory. This market is also known as Handicap (0), and you can find it in a football match on the Marathonbet website under the Handicap Markets page.

Once you've figured out the benefits and downsides of Draw No Gamble, it might be a wise strategy to bet.

In this tutorial, we'll go over how this kind of betting works in more depth, as well as the markets where it most usually appears as a betting choice.


How Does Draw No Bet Betting Work?

As previously mentioned, the Draw No Bet option eliminates the draw as an option in a betting market, reducing a three-way market to a two-way market.

What happens, though, if your chosen game finishes all-square? Why is this market becoming more appealing to bettors?

If your match ends in a draw, your bet will not win or lose, and your money will be refunded in full.

This makes Draw No Wager beneficial to gamblers who want to reduce their risk on a bet.

By removing the draw as an option, the bettor gains an extra degree of protection when compared to betting on the typical three-way market, since the bettor is left with just two alternatives — either Team A to win or Team B to win.


Draw no bet examples

With a few practical examples, let's look at the difference between betting on a three-way market and betting on a two-way Draw No Bet market.

West Ham United host Bournemouth in the Premier League.

The following are the prices for the 1X2 market:

West Ham United – 6/4
12/5 for a draw
Bournemouth - 2/1

Because the home team is improving, you decide to bet £10 on West Ham to win at 6/4.

The game ends in a 1-1 tie, which means you've lost your wager.

If, on the other hand, you choose to follow this game through the Draw No Bet market, the two-way market would be priced as follows:

West Ham United – 4/5
11/10 for Bournemouth

While the 'to win' price is less generous than in the typical three-way 1X2 market, Draw No Bet would have favored you in this situation.

Your bet is not a winner since the game ended 1-1. You would, however, have the comfort of having your money returned to you in full — demonstrating how Draw No Bet works effectively for gamblers wishing to reduce risk.


Draw No Bet Frequently Asked Questions

In an accumulator, how does Draw No Bet work?

When constructing an accumulator, Draw No Bet merely serves as an additional layer of protection in case you choose to eliminate the draw from one or more choices.

Is extra time included in the Draw No Bet wager?

Pre-match Draw No Bet pricing are only valid for the final result at the conclusion of regular time. If a match goes into extra time during live betting, the bet may be offered on the in-play market for the additional time period.

Is it possible to combine Draw No Bet?

Yes, you may make numerous bets on separate matches using Draw No Bet options, or you can choose Draw No Bet in certain matches and other markets in others.

Is an accumulator worthless if you place a Draw No Bet bet?

No, if you have chosen Draw No Bet and the match finishes in a draw, just that option is cancelled and the remainder of the bet remains in place.

Do you get your bet returned if you place a Draw No Bet wager?

If you make a single bet, your initial wager will be reimbursed if your chosen match ends in a draw.

Is the Asian handicap the same as the Draw No Bet handicap?

Level Asian handicap betting - when the handicap is listed as 0 – is essentially the same as Draw No Bet, with your money refunded if the game is a draw.

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