What is asian handicap?

Asian handicap is one way in which you give one of the teams a fictitious goal lead before the match starts. Let's take a very simple example. Liverpool face Arsenal at home and 1X2 odds are 1.50 4.00 7.00. We believe Liverpool win this match by more than 1 goal. We use Asian handicap and give Arsenal a fictitious lead of 1 goal before the match starts.

Your Asian handicap bet is now called Liverpool to win -1 goals for an increased odds 2.00. In other words, Liverpool must win 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1 etc. for you to win your bet and the asian handicap of 1 goal is overcome. In case Liverpool win by exactly 1 goal, you neither win or lose. Arsenal’s fictitious goal lead makes the bet "ends in a draw" (stake refund - you get your money back for this bet).

Note that this is not the case for a regular handicap bet. In case of a regular Handicap -1 bet placement your team needs to win with at least 2 goals and you don't have the cashback possibility. Of course, the odds will be increased with the handicap where your team need to win by at least 2 goals, but you can make same outcome in an asian handicap bet (-1.5) and 9 out of 10 times you will have a better odds.

Asian Handicap is super effective as it reduces the three normal outcomes in a 1X2 bet to only 2 outcomes. You win or you lose.

But Asian handicap has a bit more to offer, which is why players usually become a little confused and don't study the Asian handicap markets. This is a big mistake if you are an ambitious player! Take your time and understand the following Asian handicap explanation.

There are several different Asian handicap options to chose from. Please see the asian handicap table below to get a full overview over each asian handicap bet for match winners.

asian handicap


Here we will dig depper into Asian Handicap and you can always return to the table to catch up.

Now, you should have a basic understanding of Asian handicap in terms of the -1 bets, but Asian handicap got more to offer in terms of +0.25, +.1.75, -1,25 etc.

So instad of dividing Asian Handicap into just halfs (1, 1.5, 2 etc.) Asian Handicap also offer bets into quarters.

Let's just clarify what a +0.25 Asian Handicap bet means for you to get a better understanding of the quarter Asian Handicap.


Asian handicap example

Imagine a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. Liverpool are slighty favorites but the chances of a draw you believe is possible and therefore you bet Liverpool +0.25 Asian Handicap. The interesting thing here is neither a Liverpool or Arsenal win - let us instead take a look of draw outcome of this match.

The game ends 1-1 and you made a €10 bet on the Asian Handicap Liverpool +0.25. As an example the odds is 1.60 on this Asian Handicap bet.

In this example you win the Asian Handicap bet but you don't get half profit so in this case intead of profitting €10 * 1.60 - placed amount = €6, you are profitting €3.

This might be a bit weird to understand if you think of basic mathematics in general, but think of Asian Handicap like this: Asian halvles = One & Asian quarters = halves.

Once you understand that logic, you basically know almost everything about Asian Handicap. Meaning that a +0.5 (a normal half) in Asian handicap actually will have the logic of one. In any Asian Handicap half scenarios you will either win or lose the whole amount - agiain, only the quaters can get you half win/lose bets in Asian Handicap.

Let's take the next example of +1.75 Asian Handicap bet and you will have a great understanding of Asian Handicap. You can follow along in the illustration above to completely understand the logic.

Liverpool are now facing West Ham in this example and Liverpool are clearly the favorite team. Although, you might think West Ham can deliever a better result than the bookmakers expects, so you place the bet West Ham Asian Handicap +1.75.

This give a goal advantage to West Ham of '1.75 goals' and as you can see in the illustration your bet is won if West Ham either win, draws, or lose by 1 goal. In case they lose by exactly 2 goals your bet is half lost because of the Asian Handicap logic. As already mentioned, this make sense since 75/100 is 3 quarters and the difference in percentage is 25% = 0.25 = a quarter. In Asian Handicap logic the quarter was defined as halves and since Liverpool in the half lost example win the game by 2, your Asian Handicap bet is half. To sum up, this is because 2 beats 1.75 by 0.25. The 0.25 is negative 0.25 for your bet since 2 beats the Asian handicap bet of 1.75.

To use same example, you can also bet West Ham Asian Handicap +2.25 and in this case if Liverpool win by exactly 2 goals, your Asian Handicap bet will be half won. Agian, this is because 2.25 is 0.25 larger than 2. The 0.25 is in this example 'positive' for you = a winnner, since your Asian Handicap bet of 2.25 is larger than 2. Is Liverpool winning this game by 3, 4, 5 etc. goals, your bet will be completely lost and this +-0.25 does not matter at all.


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