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Best Betting Sites in the UK

Sports provide entertainment to millions of people in the UK so it’s only natural that a large chunk of these people boost the thrill of supporting their favourite players and teams by placing bets.
The UK is one of the most prevalent countries for betting as there’s huge public interest for those big sporting events that bring pride to the cities and countries that make up the United Kingdom.
Many sports have origins in the UK and decades of history to support them. Sports such as Football, Snooker, Rugby, Horse Racing, Dog Racing and Cricket, not to mention many others, all have historical roots and a British foundation that’s widely respected.
As a result, the UK has produced many of the most advanced betting platforms online and many of the best.
The high standards set out by the UK Gambling Commission and the demand for bigger and better betting platforms has stretched the boundaries of betting entertainment and pushed the limits on what the best betting sites can offer UK Players
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Bookmaker reviews

There are certainly plenty of websites on the web that review the best bookmakers in the industry - from well-known bookies to new betting websites that just entered the betting market.

However, many of these can be dishonest, shady or an attempt at just promoting the bookmaker for their own business due to a partnership. In fact, the vast majority of websites that write bookmaker reviews have a partnership agreement with the bookmaker, so the review may be biased when you read it. It can easily look as if the review is predominantly positive, in order to send as much traffic as possible to the bookmaker which you should be aware of. At Tipya, it is no secret that we also work with a number of bookmakers and we also use affiliate links. This means that if you choose to sign up with a bookmaker clicking our links, we can earn a commission for that particular bookie. This is one of the reasons why we can provide the Tipya platform for free and provide you the best possible sports website and apps.

However, it is worth noting that we only review bookmakers who have a legit gambling license, and every review of the bookmakers you will see on the Tipya is the very best and on top of the market. We do not collaborate with smaller bookmaker businesses that have the slightest chance to be scam sites. The bookmakers we review will ALWAYS be 100% legit and well-known in the industry. We recommend you to only consider these kinds of odds providers in your portfolio. Some bookmakers that we review will have a better overall-review than others, but common to all bookmakers is that they are recognized in the UK and are all trustworthy. Tipya does not make deals or reviews with bookmakers we have not tried and thoroughly reviewed ourselves. Our bookie reviews are without bias and we honestly point out the pros and cons of each bookmaker.

What bookmaker should I use?

So how can you identify a good review of a betting site from a bad one? What does Tipya pay attention to when we do a professional review of a bookie? Read on to find out.

To start with, an honest bookmaker review should look at the full spectrum of a provider's service. It should provide a detailed report of what the bookmaker offers from a-z. So what are the most important features and aspects of an online bookmaker?

● License and security
● Odds and markets
● Customer service
● Streaming and live betting
● Bookmaker promotions and welcome bonuses
● Payment methods
● Mobile version/app
● General use of platform for players
● Special features and other services

Keep in mind that these points are not ranked in order of importance. They are also not a summary of a full bookmaker review - just an absolute minimum for the reviews we provide. If you read a review where one of the above points is not rated, it will typically be because there is nothing noteworthy about that particular point.
For example, Kambi Group provides betting markets and odds for 888sport, Unibet, Mrgreen and Leovegas, so all four bookmakers offer roughly the same markets and odds. So, is this good or bad? Neither really - all four bookmakers offer a wide range of markets and excellent odds, so there is no significant difference. From Tipya's review team, there will therefore not be a thorough assessment of this particular point from the overview.

We try to give you the best possible overview before you choose whether a new bookmaker is for you. Our bookmaker reviews are honest and we have tried to make them as comprehensive as possible, without you having to sit and get bored when reviewing them. However, if there is anything you think we have missed in our review, please contact us as our review team will always give their experience or opinion if you have one or more questions about a bookmaker. Please contact us today if this is the case.

Expert bookmaker reviews

An expert review that rates bookmakers will not make claims about a website "just because". If the review presents something as either positive or negative, it should also address why that feature of the bookmaker is good or bad. General statements and untrustworthy claims are the hallmarks of a bad bookmaker review.

Furthermore, a person writing bookmaker reviews should be informed about what the betting site has to offer today, such as welcome bonuses, new features, etc.

A proper review should compare the bookmakers with each other and give you an easy overview of the pros and cons of each bookmaker. A review should give you a good understanding of whether the bookmaker is an odds provider that you would consider in your portfolio of bookies. The main factors should be clear to the reader, so that all essential issues are highlighted and you will not experience any unpleasant surprises with the bookmaker.

If a review fails to mention how the betting provider compares to its strongest competitors, it may be an indication that it is not an objective and honest review.

At Tipya, we have very skilled experts who have been betting for more than a decade and know everything you need to know when writing a bookmaker review. That is why we call our bookmaker reviews 'expert reviews'. All bookmakers have had an evaluation period, which means that our expert reviewer has played with the odds provider for a longer period of time to assess all factors and set up criteria to be able to make a comprehensive and reliable bookmaker review. This process is long but necessary in order to give you the best review. We love to bring value for you for free and hope you can use our expert bookie assessments.

Balanced bookie reviews

The quality of the best online bookmakers can vary quite a bit and like everything else, nothing is perfect. Even some of the world's leading bookmakers have flaws and a flaw for you may not be a flaw for a different player. This is because most bookmakers simply specialise in what they want to focus on offering their customers. Some bookmakers will be offering quality and fast live betting, others focus on a wide range of pre markets and sports, others on customer service, others on a manageable platform with fast loading time, etc.

No bookmaker will have the whole palette of essential aspects, but that does not mean you have to compromise too much. We have only rated bookmakers we think are trustworthy and reputable, which is why all bookies will never be absolutely terrible in every aspect of their service. You just need to know what is important for you when you think of a odds provider. Will you be live betting a lot? Or maybe you are using your smartphone and need a fast loading and easy app to bet? Remember what is important for you when you choose your new bookie.

A good bookmaker review should be read as constructive criticism, pointing out where there is room for improvement - and if there are lack in the criteria that are significant to you, simply go ahead and read the next bookmaker review. Luckily, you have many bookies to choose from!

Our review team rarely just praises a bookmaker, but as the bookmakers above are carefully selected, the bookie standard is really high.

Other than that, remember that you have the responsibility to be an informed customer and you should always be critical of everything you read online - even our trustworthy reviews ;-) We can also make mistakes and bookmakers can make changes in terms of their betting bonuses and promotions that we did not have time to update before you read our review. Although we always try to give you updated reviews, do your own research, think critically and find the correct online bookmakers that meet all your needs.

Who is the best bookmaker?

It is hard to say who the best bookmaker is. There are several factors to consider which makes it impossible just to point out one single bookie and call it the very best one. It also depends on your needs as a punter and what requirements you have for the bookmaker and the range of games you would like to bet on.

Typically, it is the bigger websites with a large selection that are the best (like Bet365), because here everything works very well due to their huge budget and provide all the games and markets that you would like to bet on. It is no secret that Bet365 typically is rated very high on many bookmaker review sites. And as you can see in our review of Bet365, we are very impressed by this bookie as well. We will not point Bet365 out as the very best bookie but there is no doubt that this bookie is in the very top! With live streaming, great support and an easy platform to use we only recommend you to have an account at this bookmaker for sure.

Although Bet365 is a top bookie, we have found the bookmakers on the market that are most trustworthy and recommendable. We recommend you to make your own selection and find the bookmaker(s) that is best for you.

Bookmaker bonuses and welcome offers

Almost all online bookmakers have bonuses and welcome offers for their users. Although bonuses may have different names such as deposit bonus, welcome bonus, welcome offer, etc., they are basically the same. Bookmakers simply choose to use different terms in their marketing, but overall the scope of a welcome offer is the same (terms can be very different) - these bonuses can be both for new and existing players.

A sign-up bonus typically applies when you make your first deposit (New player welcome bonus). It is often seen by the bookmaker doubling your deposit - also called 100% welcome offer which can typically only be used once. We have made it easy for you to see what welcome offers the different bookmakers offer right now. Just take a look at the top of this to get the overview of each bookie promotion. We have done all the 'hard' work for you and included the active bonuses next to the bookmaker logo including the terms for the welcome offer.

Free bet

Free bets are among the hottest promotions out there. Free bets allow you to place your bets without risking your own money (like playing for free money). Winnings from free bets usually come in the form of cash you can cash out. Note that free bet offers can require a deposit which can be anything from a deposit of £10, £50, or no deposit at all. From each review, you will be able to see if the bookmaker is promoting itself with free bets and if so, what it will require to take advantage of this free bet promotion.

We recommend that you always familiarize yourself with the free bets and general betting bonuses offered by bookmakers before taking advantage of the various promotions. You can do this by reviewing the terms and conditions of each promotional offer before claiming it. The most important thing to check is how much you need to deposit to claim a welcome offer and what is required for you to cash out any bookmaker bonus. Be sure to also read the bonus's validity period so that the offer does not suddenly disappear due to it expiring without you knowing.

So why should you take advantage of a bookmaker bonus? Isn't it just promotional stunts by the bookmaker in order to attract new customers? Well, yes and no.
The downside of bookmaker welcome offers is that it takes a bit of work to know the terms of a bonus - and yes, it is a way for the bookmaker to promote itself to typically attract new customers.
However, there are several benefits you and I can take advantage of by using these welcome offers, which we will review here:

● Bookmaker competition

Throughout the years, a high competition has developed in the betting market, which means that today there are many odds provider’s offering markets and odds to bet on.
When an industry has a lot of competition, in the vast majority of cases it benefits the consumers, as the providers in the industry have to offer the consumer (in this case the player) something 'extra' in order to attract the consumer to their platform or buy their product. This is often seen in promotions or price wars as has been seen over time in many industries.

For online bookmakers, their offer is a welcome offer - also called a welcome bonus, as bookmakers do not have a physical product they can make a discount on.
They do this because they know that in order to attract new customers they will need to offer an additional service (bonus) in order to compete with the other odds providers in the industry.
For example, if Bet365 was the only bookie in the UK, we would never see a welcome offer for new players, as there would be no need to attract customers with great bonuses that benefit the player. Therefore, the industry competition in the betting market is healthy as it benefits us as players.

● Risk-free betting

We admit that it can be difficult to juggle between the different welcome offers that bookmakers offer.
Some offers are more transparent than others but what is worth noting is that the best bonuses actually can get you money in your account completely risk-free. Some might think this sounds too good to be true - although, it is not. A bookmaker offer bonus could be that a new player gets £20 to play for. This means that if you bet the £20 and turn it into more money, you will be able to withdraw the money without ever having had your wallet out of your pocket.
Should you lose the £20, you can just say never mind, as it was free money you never had anyway.

But take note of the great potential of risk-free betting, where you actually get real money to play for with no deposit required. It is a golden opportunity to beat the bookies risk free and get some extra cash in your bank account. But why would the bookies ever give you free money to play for?

Sign up with a bookmaker

You have now read our reviews and feel confident that you have found your next favourite bookmaker. However, there are just a few things we recommend you to note before making your final decision. After all, it is rarely nice to be "negatively" surprised.

Registration process: fill in your personal details carefully, as it can be difficult to change them later. Your personal information will be needed for the verification of your bookmaker betting account. Start with your full name, date of birth and address and make sure to give all correct information. Not providing the bookmaker with correct information can have negative and draining consequences for you. Even if you think you have filled in your information correctly, make sure it matches the details on your ID card. If you make a typo, it can be a real hassle for you later.

Then, fill in your mobile phone number, your email and a password you can remember at your new bookmaker.

Confirm your account: RKYC documents usually include an ID or passport and any bill (e.g. electricity bill). If you request a withdrawal, you will need to have all this settled. For credit/debit cards, a photo of the front of your card is typically sufficient.

Deposit and withdrawal options: today, there are a variety of methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfer wallets and Crypto. Keep in mind that while withdrawals to wallets will be processed much faster, it may limit desired welcome offers from the bookmaker. On the other hand, credit/debit cards and bank transfers are eligible for bonuses always, and although withdrawals may be slower, we recommend using this 'old fashioned' method when you withdraw.

Finally, you are ready to bet. As long as you follow our bookmaker recommendations, you will find a wide selection of betting markets and high odds. Always play responsibly and never bet for money you cannot afford to lose.

Play responsibly

The importance of responsible gambling cannot be stressed enough. Although the vast majority have a reasonable relationship with sports betting, there are still a number of gambling addicts who struggle with a gambling addiction every day.

If you have the slightest doubt that you can control your gambling, do not gamble or bet on sports games at all. Fortunately, there are great helt options for gambling addiction today if you feel that you have lost control.

Gambling and sports betting should be fun and not affect your personal finances.


Through our reviews, we provide you with some different guidelines and tips that you can easily follow and use when choosing the right gambling site. Our reviews should help you to be critical about the sites you visit when you want to bet online. First of all, it is important that you know what to expect in terms of service and general bookie use when you sign up. It is also important that you are aware and do not get blinded by various welcome bonuses without knowing the terms.

You need to find a bookmaker that has a wide range of betting options and decide what is most important for you when you bet on sports. As a punter, you do not have to be a customer in more places than necessary because this can complicate the process in the long run when it comes to payouts. Although, make sure to take advantage of best and greatest promotions, welcome bonuses and free bets that are offered by the bookies.

You also need to be sure about the service you can expect from the site so you do not have a bad experience. Therefore, if you follow these tips and our reviews, there should be nothing to stop you from having many fun evenings with various games and bets.