Improve your betting strategy

Here you will find useful tools that can optimize your betting strategy. Among other things, you can do different odds calculations and see bookmaker reviews.

Chance assessment

Calculate the theoretical payback and chance assessment set by a operator on any given match based on the odds of the match.

Bookmaker reviews

Read bookmakers reviews of what Tipya considers the best, most solid and serious bookmakers on the market. All of them are bookmakers who we consider to be the most recommended.

Betting dictionary

We have compiled a lot of betting and odds words that you can become wiser about in our betting dictionary

Bookmaker bonusses

It can be difficult to find bookmakers' different odds bonuses. We have therefore reviewed the best odds pages and gathered all the best bookmakers. We have made a review for each of them - furthermore, you will also find the bookmakers' odds bonuses.

We want to help our users to make the best bet possible. You can choose to follow other tipsters on this page, which you can take inspiration from when you want to make a bet. Here at Tipya, we’re big fans of punterslounge, and we think it’s important to help each other out and we do our best to make the best punterslounge here at our platform.

You can also read our guides, which we make exclusively for the help of our users. We also had to try to find meaning in all the words in the odds world, and there are many options - especially in odds bonuses, but not least calculating odds– also here we used the punterslounge a lot! A bookmaker odds bonus is the bookmaker’s way to attract you as a new customer and a welcome bonus will typically offer you more than you actually need to deposit at the bookie.

Some bookmakers use odds bonuses, which apply when registering new customers. An odds bonus could, for example be like this: "10€ free bet when you sign up”. Where other bookmakers' odds bonus consists of you as an existing customer continuously receiving one or more odds bonuses.

Chance assessment & calculating odds

On this page you will also find a guide to chance assessment, where you can enter odds on a match and see the bookmakers' odds assessment. Based on the chance assessment the betting calculator calculates the theoretical payback.

It works super easily by entering the odds in the top field, then pressing "calculate", where the chance assessment of the entered odds then appears. The betting calculator is a very smart tool to use when it comes to calculating odds – whether you’re a newbie or a skillful better, you will definitely find the betting calculator useful.

In this punterslounge we have many experienced tipsters that do this every day, so if you are in doubt how you can calculate odds the right way please contact us.

Betting dictionary

In our betting dictionary, you will find all the relevant betting terminologies so you can be well dressed to bet. Whether you are new to betting or a very well-trained better, our betting dictionary can always benefit you, by just getting a little wiser on odds and the different odds words that you will most likely encounter if you try out betting. For example, one of the difficult ones, could be something like theoretical repayment. By using the betting calculator when calculating odds, you get the theoretical repayment shown, after the chance assessment figures out the calculated odds with the betting calculator. The tools and explanations in the Tipya academy are used very often in our punterlounge and many newbie and advanced tipsters are using it on a daily basis to get a better betting understanding by calculating odds by using the betting calculator

If, after reading the betting dictionary, you are still in doubt about some concepts, or perhaps have questions about the betting calculator and how you’re calculating odds, feel free to write to us here, and we will help you in the best possible way in the process of betting – remember punterlounge is to be found on Tipya to help placing your betting tips and more.