What is Super9ja, and How Does It Work?

18. Jun 2024 |Sport

If you have never heard about Super9ja, it is time for you to find out what that is. As the name suggests, Super9ja is a popular free-to-play football prediction game belonging to Bet9ja. In this lovely game, participants can make predictions and win or lose based on their outcome. 

In this article, you can learn all about it, from the functioning of the game to some useful tips to win it. So, if you are into football, games, or both, continue reading to find out more about your next favorite game.


Super9ja in a Nutshell

Super9ja allows you to make predictions based on the scores of 6 selected football matches each week. The winning prize is quite alluring, as thanks to this game, you can win a jackpot of ₦10,000,000. Besides, there are other prizes you can win, like some guaranteed jackpots for the top 20 players. 

The functioning of the game is relatively simple, which means that it is extremely easy to learn and play. The platform, Bet9ja, will hand out six football matches each week. All you’ll have to do is showcase your football knowledge by predicting the outcome of each game. This will land you a big cash prize. The great bonus to this is that Super9ja is entirely free to play.


How To Participate & Tips To Win

All you have to do is log into your account, find the Super9ja section, and make your prediction. After that, you will have to submit them and wait for the results. After the completion of the matches, the results and your prediction will be compared. The more correct predictions you have, the higher your chances of winning. The winners are announced on the Bet9ja website, so all you have to do is check them out.

Some tips to win this game are to study the matches carefully. By examining each team’s history and performance, you can get a better overview of who is more likely to win. If you are part of a gamer community, you can also share your ideas with others and get some valuable advice in return. After that, you can also level up your game by familiarizing yourself with odds and how they work. Odds provide a great map of how a game could end, and if you have the right knowledge on the matter, you can use them as a way to double-check your theories and get to know what others think.