Competition rules

Tipya is all about playing fair. Please abide by the following code of conduct. Respect the rules, respect other tipsters and play fair. Tipsters who ignore these rules will be punished as deemed appropriate by the Tipya staff.

Technical Rules

  • One account per person.
  • Maximum stake is fictional 1000. One tip per match.
  • Tips are final once posted and can't be modified.
  • No tips after an event starts.
  • Obvious errors or incorrect odds will be void.
  • Cash prizes require a hitrate of 40% or above for any given competition.
  • Positive monthly profit required for prize eligibility.
  • Manipulating your hitrate by submitting low-quality tips with small odds is prohibited. Tipya reserves the right to judge and assess any questionable cases.


  • Payments via PayPal only.
  • Prizes are taxable, and reporting to tax authorities is the winner's responsibility.
  • No payments to tipsters under 18.
  • Required information to receive prize: Name, Address (street name, city, zip code, country), Tipster’s username at Tipya, E-mail address, Paypal Email account and Identity Card (Copy of Passport or Driving License with a visible date of birth)
  • Submit your personal details within a maximum of nine days following the competition's end to claim your prizes.
  • Potential winners may contact Tipya at hello at


  • Tipya may change rules, prizes, or competitions as needed.
  • Decisions are usually final, but appeals are possible.


  • Breaching rules may result in permanent blocking.